Welcome To This Blog!

Saturday, March 8, 2014
Welcome Everybody!
Welcome to this titillating place!

So, why are you here??

You’ve come this blog because here you’re going to get all things on demand, as you all wish.
I certify you that this place will be fully free of Advertising, so you now have no hassles to worry about.
I begin with myself.

So, who is me??

I am Harsh Pathak.

So you don’t know me?

OK, I am a Windows 7 Fan, who does not want Windows XP to go away.

I find places which are the most suitable for you to get Softwares.

So, first of all, I would like to clearly state that I will provide you all with all kinds of softwares (working ones), and you can also demand Softwares from me.

If I would upload Softwares, I would definitely upload them either to Google Drive, or to OneDrive (It’s better), or just for support, on

Now, I really love Technology, so I would post news related to Technology too.

Now, if you have a demand for any softwares, you can surely contact me on my Email-ID (provided below), or you can comment over here.

One thing, I know this that I use my Gmail ID for my Blogs, but please do not contact me over there.
Thank You.