How to Download and Install Microsoft Office 2013 for free!

Sunday, March 9, 2014
How to install Microsoft Office 2013

Here I am with a tutorial to tell you the best ways to download Office 2013.
I checked a lot of sources through which I could possibly install Microsoft Office 2013© but I was not able to get a good source. I had used the Preview Version of Microsoft Office 2013 and was literally pleased. So once the RTM version was released, I checked everything about it.
Here is the price list given below-

Hey, it turned out to be really costly. Then I thought, why should I buy it when I could get it for free?
So here I found the best torrent for you all to download the Microsoft Office Suite.
Note- This is a torrent file. Please download µTorrent to download and use this torrent.
Download µTorrent from here.
For Windows 32 bit Users (x86)à
For Windows 64 bit Users (x64)à
Now, once you download the torrent, you’ll observe that it has only one file.
Now, the file is an .iso file. You can use WinRAR to extract the contents out of the file.
Now, you should start the installation by double-clicking the setup.exe file.
Wait for some time before Microsoft Office 2013 gets installed.
Now, here comes the next part.
Now, click this link and another torrent will start downloading.
Once it gets downloaded, open the file using WinRAR and launch the .exe file.
The software should look like thisà

Now click on the small icon as labeled in the picture below à

Now it should look like thisà

Now Click on the Activation Tab and then select “AutoKMS” and click Install.
Once it gets installed, click on “Activate”. Wait for some time. Office should then get activated.
Here is the proofà

Hope that helps!!
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