Alternatives to Windows XP

Tuesday, April 8, 2014
Alternatives to Windows XP
So, just posted an article ‘bout Windows XP, where its support’s going to end soon. Now, what if you ditch it??
Well, I gave a very small hint in my last article, if you all remember (It was Ubuntu). Next, in this article, I want to tell you all that this article will focus only on the alternatives, and not go into much detail.
Here I begin.
Windows 7.
So, if you’re a Windows guy and want to continue with the Windows and the Microsoft family, I would surely recommend Windows 7. The biggest profit for you would be that you will have a very familiar desktop, and if you would like to see Windows XP back again, you could very well get the Windows XP Mode for Windows 7 from here, and you’re back to your heaven!
But there’s still a disadvantage. You’ll need upgraded hardware, as Windows 7 has higher hardware requirements. So if you’re up on Windows XP on an old machine, you’ll never make a go of it. So think before you decide!
Windows 8.1 Update 1
     Now, you’re thinking of a friend who’s got a touch PC, with the latest Windows 8.1, and you’ve got the hardware, but you’ve read such things about it, that you’re hating it. Now, what to do??
Here’s what I would recommend you all to do. Get it. For free. The Update 1 brings everything you need in a desktop PC. So, you’ve got a recommendation. Think about it.
Here is a free alternative, UBUNTU. I personally would recommend this, because it is no longer the Linux of the past, which was the terminal and CUI. It is now much more modern, which has a wonderful graphical interface, and has many apps built in, such as Thunderbird, Firefox, and you can get many more on its store, I would recommend you to get Chrome, but it would be hard to find, as its name is Chromium. Just get it, and all your history, bookmarks and passwords in here! My choice!
Ah, Well. I hope that you’ve got a hunch of what you should do. Best of Luck!

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